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Opinions from Municipality about Project

Opinions from Baranowo Municipality

Henryk Toryfter, Mayor of Baranowo Municipality – I need to admit that ''I take care of my breath – prevention of respiratory diseases in the Ostrołęka poviat'' is a great and needed project. People really need this kind of events and the attendance may only confirm it. The first and the second action in Baranowo was attended by almost 400 people. Respiratory diseases are quite common nowadays. This project may raise people's awareness and motivate them to change their lifestyles. Our municipality does its best to pursue projects concerning health issues. However, conducting the project ''I take care of my breath – prevention of respiratory diseases in the Ostrołęka poviat'' will be quite challenging for our municipality, especially financially. Recently, we have been preparing another project connected with rehabilitation for the inhabitants of our municipality.

Sławomir Grzyb, Lipowy Las – We need this action. I have never undergone this kind of examination. I only had my level of sugar measured during periodic inspections for which I had been directed by my employer. People visit their doctor only when something wrong is happening with them. I used to smoke but I quit. I have been smoke-free for six months now. The municipality has spread information about the project. I've seen some posters and other things connected with the upcoming events.  

Marzena and Andrzej Krawczyk, Rycica – Great idea. This kind of projects should be pursued more often. There is no such thing as too much prevention. People rarely feel the need to visit their doctors and undergo examinations. Here we have it all in one place – examinations and consultations. It is crucial to undergo examinations regularly after turning 40 in order to check if everything is alright. We've had our first spirometry there. Fortunately, all examinations proved that we are healthy. 

Jerzy Kowalczyk, Jastrząbka –  I am happy that this kind of events are organized where you can undergo blood test, check your blood pressure and cholesterol level. I wish they were organized more often. I have never had a spirometry test done. I underwent other medical examinations required by my employer. More than 10 years ago was exposed to asbestos at work. That is why our employer directed us to undergo medical examinations regularly.

Grażyna Jurczak, Jastrząbka – My neighbour attended this event once and then told me about it. I went to church in the morning and then I decided to undergo these examinations. It was worth it. The result was: high level of cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Beata Białczak, Lipowy Las – In my opinion, we really need this kind of events. Everyone can have examinations done. I have never had any of them, even the most basic ones such as checking the level of sugar or cholesterol.

Iwona Osowiecka, Brodowe Łąki – We really need this kind of projects in order to make people aware of the health dangers of smoking. Organized events are a great opportunity to have examinations. I've had my level of sugar checked a few times but nothing more.

Wiesław Nedźwiedzki, Brodowe Łąki – This project is great, there is really nothing to complain about. What is more, we got there by a free bus. People don't visit their doctors until something hurts them.



Marta Brzeźniak, Brodowe Łąki – Normally you would have to wait for this kind of examination long weeks, ask doctors for referral and so on. Here, you have it all in one place. What is more, the event takes place on Sunday when everybody has more free time. Unfortunately, not everybody is willing to undergo examination. People are often afraid that the results will be worrying or indicate some disease.

Opinions from Czarnia Municipality

Witold Kuczyński,  55 yeras old, Czarnia

Organising such event on Sundays is a great idea, especially in rural areas. You can undergo examination right after the mass. What is more, you could consult many different doctors in one place. We had a few kinds of examination and talked to different doctors on the same day. I really liked the fact that people also got the needed help there. Those whose results were bad were directed to undergo more specialized tests. The project met with positive response in our municipality. I think that people became more aware of e.g. health dangers of smoking cigarettes. I really liked information stands, posters and leaflets as well advice about healthy eating.

Opinions from Czerwin Municipality

Marianna Wróblewska from Dzwonek –  I am really happy that this project enabled me to undergo medical examination. People don't have time to take care about themselves and thanks to this event I'll learn something about my health. I suppose my results may not be the best. Recently I've been catching colds a lot. I've been suffering mainly from bronchitis. However, the high level of bad cholesterol in my blood has surprised me.

Wiesława Stachurska from Grodzisko – I am glad that this project was organised in our municipality. Finally I am able to undergo medical examination without the need to set an appointment with my doctor. Many people from my village took part in this event. I've seen some of my neighbours there. It is a great opportunity to learn something about your health.

Wiesława Kamieniowska from Czerwin. I am pleasantly surprised. I am starting to believe in doctors and medical stuff again. All of them were very nice. Everything is as it should be. I don't need to wait for my results for God knows how many days and I can consult them with an appropriate doctor at once. I am surprised that such things are possible in Poland. Several doctors order fast and efficient examination. I need to stress that I am pleasantly surprised as my attitude was rather negative before coming here. Pure professionalism.

Antonii Kurpiewski from Suchcice – Organizers made sure that everyone was well informed about the event. I think that all inhabitants of my village knew about the project. There was a notice hanging on the shop, village administrator informed inhabitants personally, ''Tygodnik Ostrołęcki'' and ''Kurier'' printed advertisements. People really need this kind of events, especially people like us – elderly and living in rural areas.

Ryszard Gocłowski, mayor of Czerwin municipality – In my opinion more people should be interested in taking part in such projects and appreciate them more. I undergo medical examinations regularly but if people don't and they don't have time to visit their doctors, they should at least attend such events. Prevention is better than cure. If people knew that they were suffering from certain diseases earlier, they would be able to start curing them earlier.

Agnieszka Gocłowska (mayor's wife) – My whole family took part in this event. We support this kind of projects because people need them. What is more, the project has met with positive response, everybody commends our poviat for conducting this project.

Opinions from Goworowo Municipality

Małgorzata Kulesza, mayor of Gowrorowo Municipality – people need every action of this kind. The project ''I take care of my breath'' that has been awarded a Norway Grant has met with positive response in our municipality. Any kind of prevention is good and needed, this kind of events should be organised regularly.

Antoni Mulawka, secretary of Goworowo Municipality – people need this kind of examination. Many lives have been saved thanks to it. We are trying to enrich every organised event with stands offering free medical tests. The significance of promoting any preventive activities is clear to us. I think that inhabitants of our municipality got used to this kind of events and the attendance on them proves it. Last time it was over 35 °C and still quite a lot people took part in the event. They need such projects.

Jolanta Mulawka (secretary's wife) – We've consulted a dietician, discussed certain things and exchanged opinions. We had a long talk with him on including appropriate products in our diet. I am glad that this event was enriched with specialists and other stands. You can find doctors and dieticians there and consult your test results right after the examination.

Teresa Dudzik, Jawory Stare – I decided to attend the event and have some medical tests done because I haven't been feeling well. It's worth to take the opportunity and finally learn what is wrong with your health. My cousin told me about this project. I'd like to thank her for telling me when and where it was organised.

Wiesław Jarka, Goworowo – great project, I recommend it to everyone. Instead of visiting a clinic or a private practice, you can just pop in after the Sunday mass. We usually have some actions promoting prevention during other events in Goworowo, but this event was different and special. We had a chance to try many new things.

Barbara Krzeszowiak, Goworowo – I am really impressed that I could undergo so many different tests in one place. Otherwise I wouldn't do them at all. There is no queue and you can consult your results with a doctor right after the examination. 

Krystyna Struniawska – what's the point in waiting for an appointment with your doctor when you can have it all here? I used to have asthma so I had some medical tests done before, but now I decided to do them once again in order to check my condition. Apart from that, I would like to check my cholesterol and triglyceride level.

Renata Domała, Pokrzywnica – more events like that should be organised. There was no queue, everybody was nice and helpful. We need this kind of projects. Many people came despite the bad weather.

Janusz Żebrowski, Gierwaty (mayor) – I generally don't visit doctors but this time I decide to came to set a good example for our inhabitants.

Elżbieta Szczepańska, Goworowo – I had spirometry test done a few years ago but something went wrong then. I decided to undergo this examination one more time during this event and finally get to know what's wrong with my health. Apart from that, I suffer from obesity so I'm hoping to get some advice from a dietician.

Arkadiusz Żebrowski, Gierwaty – it would be a shame not to take part in this event, especially when it is organised on Sunday. Everybody has more free time on Sunday. I came here together with my wife and kids. I am glad that the organiser thought about the children. They can play safely in one corner while parents are having their medical tests and consultations.


Opinions from Kadzidło Municipality

Wojciech Rytel, 33 years old from Kadzidło – Really interesting and needed action. The medical staff was really nice. I was a little afraid of the examination as I've been smoking 10-15 cigarettes a day for 17 years, on workdays even more. Fortunately my results were good.

Edyta Rytel, 33 years old – I've had spirometry done and my cholesterol checked for the first time ever. I am glad that I could do this kind of medical tests. Otherwise I wouldn't do them as don't have time to visit my doctor and ask him for a referral. Here you have it all in one place, everything goes smoothly.

Grażyna Florek, 33 years old, Chudek – There is a great need for such projects. Hopefully, some people, such as my husband who has been smoking almost two packages a day nearly all his life, will understand that it's worth caring for their health. Maybe some of them will get scared and quit smoking. Maybe these specialists will influence their way of living. All in all, the staff was very nice and helpful.

Bożena Piórkowska, 46 years old, Kadzidło – Much needed and well organised project. You can have medical examination without having a special referral. I've been having problems with breathing for a long time and this project enabled me to undergo a spirometry and test for carbon monoxide in my blood. It was my first time ever. After the examination I got referrals to take some more specialized tests. I am a little worried but I hope that an exact diagnosis and appropriate medication will help me to recover my health.

Edward Piórkowski, 45 years old, Kadzidło – I undergo periodic examinations regularly thanks to my employer who directs me to have them. I came here with my wife. She doesn't work so it is the only opportunity for her to have these tests done. It's a great project. The staff is very nice and helpful. You can have all needed tests in a short time and in one place.

Stanisław Zera, 58 years old, Kadzidło – I really enjoyed this event. It was the first time I had so many medical tests done at once. I think I had my blood glucose level tested once but I am not really sure about it.



Opinions from Lelis Municipility

Liliana Sawicka, 31 years old, Olszewka

I am happy that I could take part in this event. I had some tests done, consulted some doctors and a dietician. My husband came here with me. The results revealed that both of us have raised level of bad cholesterol. The dietician told us how to lower it successfully. What is more, my husband who had been smoking for many years finally decided to quit.

Dariusz Przybyła, 36 years ago, Białobiel

I am really glad that I could take part in this event. The examination showed that my cholesterol was raised. The dietician gave me some helpful pieces of advice. I will take them seriously. I am going to start running for sure.

Renata Budniak, 36 years old, Siemnocha

The results showed that the level of glucose in my blood was raised. I will have to do some other tests to check if I have diabetes.

Józef Dzięgielewski, 69 years old, Siemnocha

I am impressed with this project and surprised that we could have some many medical tests in one place. The fact that I could consult doctors right after examination also surprised me. They directed me to more specialized tests. The doctor told me that this test will include tomography and chest x-ray that normally require long waiting.

Opinions from Łyse Municipality

– This kind of projects should be organised two times a year. People would be aware of their health condition and so they could start healing earlier. – Irena Talkowska from Łyse.

– These medical tests enabled me to know more about my health. The fact that it was organised on Sunday is a big advantage. – Andrzej Kosiorek from Łyse.

– I had spirometry test done for the first time ever. I did it because no referral and waiting was required. Otherwise, I wouldn't do it. – Barbara Murach from Zalas.

– People living in rural areas have loads of work to do, they don't have time to visit a doctor and make special medical tests. They won't make an appointment and care about their health unless something hurts or they feel bad. – Władysław Talkowski from Łyse.

– I visit doctors quite regularly but this time I felt special. Every specialist had time to analyze my results in detail – Ewa Dąbrowska from Łyse



Opinions from Mysznice Municipality

– You can have all offered tests without having to wait in a queue. The staff was very nice. – a woman living in Białusny Lasek.

– In order to do medical tests you need to go to Olsztyn or Ostrołęka as it is impossible in our neighbourhood. Here we could do all tests in one place. No one has time for examination until they feel ill. – man living in Myszyniec

– You need at least 3 days to do even the most basic medical tests. First –  to visit a doctor and get a referral, second to have the tests and the last one to receive your results. No one has so much free time. – woman living in Gadomskie

– You have to pay for most tests. Here all of them are for free and the medical staff is very nice, the nurses are patient and likeable. If our national medical staff was as well organised as here on the event no one would be seriously ill. – woman living in Myszyniec.

– We need to strictly follow our diet. Every day one of us brings cake to work. We couldn't imagine a coffee break without a piece of cake. Now it's high time we started following dietician's advice as our cholesterol and triglycerides level was raised. However, our diet won't be draconian. We'll try to gradually limit sweets’ consumption and avoid scrambled eggs with bacon. – women living in Myszyniec

Opinions from Olszewo-Borki Municipality

Zygmunt Kossakowski, Olszewo-Borki – People really need this kind of projects and this kind of medical tests. High attendance may prove it. I am glad that the organiser thought about people like me – living in rural areas and enabled us to undergo many medical tests for free.

Zofia Kraśniewska, Łazy – We do need this kind of medical tests. We can check the level of blood glucose and cholesterol here, as well as examine our lungs. What is more, these tests are done for free and that is very important for people like me – receiving only retirement benefits.

Krystyna Sawicka, Olszewo-Borki – I decided to attend this event to check if everything was alright with my health. I want to have all offered tests as prevention is better than cure. I think that I am not the only person who really liked this event. Everybody from Olszewo-Borki did. Hopefully, more events like this will be pursued.

Elżbieta Rutkowska, Olszewo-Borki – People can finally learn what is wrong with their health thanks to projects like this. You can start curing the disease earlier instead of waiting for appointments with doctors. I attend free checkups whenever it is possible.

Józef Jędrzejczyk, Olszewo-Borki – great idea, people living in my area really need this project. I came here with my wife. We didn't make any plans for today in order to have these medical tests done.

Małgorzata Prusaczyk, Olszewo- Borki- Great project. Free examination – excellent.



Opinions from Rzekuń Municipality

Grażyna Kaczyńska, 62 years old, Rzekuń – Great event. Doctors, nurses, dietitians, medical stuff – all of them were really nice. Examination was conducted fast and efficiently. There is nothing to complain about. We rarely have an occasion to perform full set of medical tests at one.

Maciej Socha, Laskowiec

I was surprised that so many people took part in this event. The quality of it was also a surprise for me. I was happy to attend this event as I care about my health but I've never had spirometry done before. I got really interested in the topic of respiratory diseases as I had known very little about it before. I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to undergo different kinds of examinations.

Opinions from Troszyn Municipality

– I am glad that we are able to undergo so many examinations in one place. I have huge breathing problems. I suffer from persistent cough but I am worried about my medical test results – man living in Piski

– My spirometry results were good, but my cholesterol and triglycerides were raised. We need projects of this kind as they encourage us to care for our health. I am glad that I could take part in this event and have so many medical tests done. – woman living in Choromany

– It was the first time I had an examination of this kind. I was too busy to have medical tests done before. You don't visit a doctor when you feel well. And here you have an opportunity to check if everything is alright with your health. – man living in Wiśniewo

– Every opportunity to check your health and start caring about it is good. Every project of this kind is needed. However, these events should be organised regularly and should be supported by different environments. Many members of Shooting Sports Club ''Obrońca'' attended today's event. We were hosting a shooting match in Troszyn today but we managed to take a break and undergo examination. – Eugeniusz Gorczyca from Shooting Sports Club ''Obrońca'' in Troszyn

Project in Kadzidlo


The last out of 22 meetings being a part of “Prevention of respiratory system diseases in Ostrołęka District” event, was held on 6 March in the building of Poviat's School Complex in Kadzidło. The meeting was a chance to thank all the people involved in the project. As many as 123 district’s inhabitants participated in the examinations performed in Kadzidło, 41 out of whom were referred on extended surveys.

Traditionally, they could see a specialist doctor and seek advice from dieticians. An additional attraction was a play-area for children and the Healthy Eating Pyramid.

Among the examined people, 59 were reported with a higher level of cholesterol and 34 with a higher level of triglycerides. High blood sugar was identified in 25 cases.

During the event, Poviat Governor Stanisław Kubeł expressed special thanks to the association of Polish National Health Protection Fund in Ostrołęka. He highlighted that it was a huge commitment of the personnel which determined the success of the event. About 4.5 thousand people were examined. At the same time, he assured that Ostrołęka District will take necessary measures to organize other similar events connected with prevention of health.

Project in Baranowo


„This project may make people more conscious, mobilize them to change their lives” says Henryk Toryfter, the head of the commune of Baranowo about the project of „ Prevention of respiratory system diseases in Ostrołęka District.” This time the event took place on 14 February in Baranowo and was a penultimate event organized under the project.

During the event 190 people were examined, and 72 were referred to an extended survey. Among the inhabitants of the district who took part in the examination, high blood pressure was noted in 82 cases, cholesterol abnormality in 111, and 52 participants had problems with triglycerides.

„There is a huge need to organize this kind of events. The attendance speaks for itself. A lot of people took part in the first and the second event. It is a very good and necessary action,” adds the head of the commune.

The inhabitants of the commune share his point of view. “The event is necessary. I have never been examined this way. I only had the blood sugar tests done.” says Sławomir Grzyb, an inhabitant of Lipowy Las.” A great idea. Such events should be organized more often. There is never too much of prevention” stresses Marzena and Andrzej Krawczyk, married couple from Rycice. “We need such events to be more conscious how harmful smoking really is,” adds Iwona Osowiecka from Brodowe Łąki.

During the examinations, apart from the basic tests for blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and monoxide, also spirometry was performed. There were consultations and meetings with dieticians. People could also watch presentations concerning the harmful effects of psychoactive substances as well as see models showing the effects of smoking on human organism.

The inhabitants of distant cities, who wanted to take part in the examinations, had a free transport organized to Baranowo.  

The last, 22nd event will take place on 6 March in Kadzidło.

Action in Goworowo


As many as 209 people participated in an event: „I take care of my breath- prevention of respiratory system diseases in Ostrołęka District” in Goworów. Blood tests diagnosed 111 people with higher concentration of cholesterol. Higher level of triglycerides was reported in 61 cases. Among people who participated in the prevention program, 35 were identified with an increased level of blood sugar. As many as 61 people were referred for an extended survey. The tests took place on 17 January, in the building of the local Commune Office.

During the event, district’s inhabitants could take part in free basic preventive examinations e.g. spirometry, measurements of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, they could also have their arterial pressure checked or the level of exhaled carbon monoxide measured. People could also take part in medical consultations. If a patient was diagnosed with an abnormality, he was directed to a pulmonology clinic for an extended survey including chest radiograph or a computer tomography scan. People from the respiratory system diseases risk group were equipped with inhalers and breathing exercises apparatus.

The inhabitants highlight that these kind of events are necessary. One can not only be examined, but also receive tests results and consult them with specialists straight away. As they say, time is as additional asset. Examinations take place on Sunday and last from early hours till afternoon. What is more, every event like this proceeds smoothly, inhabitants do not have to queue for a long time. Almost everyone who decided to be tested was satisfied after the consultation. “A meeting with a dietician was the most important for me. I could consult the rules of healthy diet, set proportions, compose my own diet and set nutritional proportions for each day. For a few years I’ve been on a diet recommended by a doctor, it wasn’t perfect, though. Only today’s consultation with a dietician made me aware of the mistakes that I’ve been making. From today on I will more consciously select vegetables, fish, grains etc. for the eaten meals. I hope that this diet will be good for me,” says an inhabitant of Dzbądzek in Goworowo District.

The event was organized in Goworowo for the second time and it was the 20th event out of 22 planned events in Ostrołęka District.

The project is implemented by Ostrołęka District from the funds of EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014 and from public budget.

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